Why Are Wedding Prices Higher Than Other Events?

Weddings require much more planning, attention to detail and a high level of skill and expertise, and quite frankly, they’re a lot of work! A true entertainer with the right experience is passionate about their chosen profession and they take on the responsibility and pressure in stride.  This is what true professionals offer and it’s not something you can simply purchase online.  Expertise is the result of years of dedication, practice, repetition, and continuing education through industry groups.  Much like good athletes, a desire to continually evolve and improve their skill set is what passionate DJs are all about!

Saying a DJ works just 6 hours on a Saturday is analogous to saying Tom Brady plays football for just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  It’s not about the game.  It’s about a lifetime of dedication to be among the best of the best.  

Part-time and side hustle DJs are cheaper, and for good reason.  They’re not properly equipped or experienced to handle many of the moving parts and nuances of a wedding, and most show up and play music.  Anyone can do that in the digital age.  A true wedding professional is competent and articulate as an Emcee, representing you on your special day.  He or she is also a skilled audio-visual technician and a master of programming.  A great DJ is a consummate student of music, always eager to learn more and study new trends.  Mastering the best of all genres is a must to please the most diverse of audiences.  A true professional also knows that the conditions will never be perfect.  He or she will always expect a curve ball and their intuition to react without missing a beat is impeccable.  This all comes with experience.  

Simply put, the best of entertainers LOVE what they do and they’ve spent a lifetime honing their craft! It’s a passion first, a hobby, and a business, all in one.  That’s the type of DJ you want representing you on such a momentous day.  There truly is a difference when you find the RIGHT entertainer who can capture your vision, execute it with precision and create special moments and memories that will truly last a lifetime.   

Most couples have never hired a DJ before, so the process of choosing one can be daunting.  According to Wedding Wire, over 80% of couples polled after their wedding would place much more emphasis on prioritizing their entertainment if they understood the complete role and importance of a great DJ and wedding host when planning. 

When a wedding seamlessly flows from one special moment to the next, and with a consistent level of positive energy on the dance floor, you can be sure that an experienced professional is in control!   

Here are a few benefits and facts to consider when hiring a professional:

  • Many hours are invested to fully learn, understand, and deliver your vision with perfection. On average, a wedding is not a “6 hour” assignment. It’s 20 hours of planning and preparation, plus a 12-hour day with multiple systems, lighting, and other features to setup, manage and break down. Your wedding professional is investing an average of 32 hours into you and your guests having the time of their life! In addition, they are sacrificing their own family and personal time, working nights, weekends, and holidays while others are celebrating!
  • Reliability. Nothing is taken for granted and a reputation for competence and reliability is essential. Check reviews thoroughly!
  • They set the entire tone for your entire celebration, so hiring a professional with a proven track record is essential.
  • They effectively read the crowd, program the right music, and respect the parameters given to reflect your personal style and taste. A good DJ also acts as a filter for you, taking requests, if applicable, and deciding what is and isn’t appropriate to please the majority of guests.
  • A professional offers guidance, suggestions and support during the entire planning process.
  • A properly equipped DJ will offer total flexibility and provisions for all the “what-ifs” that may become a reality.  Preparation and having backup provisions are all essential.
  • Aesthetics matter and an elegant presentation to impress your guests is a must. 
  • A professional is insured.  This is VERY important as your venue will require a certificate of insurance and that is often requested closer to your wedding date.  Ask about this in your very first discussion. 
  • Professionals purchase their music from high quality, legal sources and they often have specialty versions of music that less experienced DJs will not provide.  They’ll also have a complete backup of your entire day on a local hard drive, ready to plug and play.  You do NOT want a DJ who relies on online sources for their music.  Wifi is not always available or reliable! 
  • Full-Time Professionals work regularly and remain relevant. They’re also competent, prepared and dedicate the appropriate time needed to ensure your satisfaction. It’s a calling, not a job!

The stakes are high.  A good DJ is flexible, and he or she will adapt to any situation to ensure that your wedding is a success.  Choosing your wedding DJ – MC will be one of the most impactful decisions you’ll make.  Ask all the right questions and choose wisely.  Find someone you’re comfortable with as this will be an important decision and essentially a working partnership. 

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