DJ Jacob Hackett

Jacob is an honorary member of the KSE team. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, but that does not stop him when he’s on a mission! Jacob’s “can-do” attitude has led to him being an amazing special needs advocate, always organizing events to help others. As a DJ Entertainer, he has quite a resume being on the radio. He’s also been a guest DJ, volunteering at various senior centers. As a co-DJ working with Ken, they’ve hosting Tim Tebow’s annual prom for special needs children, “A Night To Shine” since 2018 at various locations. Ken and Jacob now have that Friday perpetually blocked out every year going forward to volunteer for this special event! Jacob works from an ipad. His love of music led him to WIBG Radio in his teen years, where he and Ken met. They now share a lifelong friendship that all began with their common love of music!

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